At Wristband Giant we understand that customization has become increasingly significant to brand development and engagement, that is why we promote and encourage complete customization on all of our wristbands.  We applaud those who embrace the opportunity to create a product that stands out from the rest. After all anyone can supply their patrons with a red Tyvek wristband. It’s those who focus on the guest experience that and social engagement that benefit the most.

A Bain survey of more than 1,000 online shoppers found that while less than 10% have tried customization options, 25% to 30% are interested in doing so. We get it, it’s a little scary to have to design something on your own. What if you’re not creative? What if you’re just a small business and don’t have access to a full graphic team? What if you can’t design something that gets people excited?

With complementary design services Wristband Giant offers many ways to customize.

1 color imprints
 full color imprints
QR codes
Variable data

You name it we do it!  Check out our reasons to customize to give you a better idea of why it is important to go custom. When you are ready you can then look at our instructions on how to customize. Once you’ve got what you want you can easily download our templates.

Writer David Wiggs of iMedia Connection points out, "Customization retail is really an engagement and customer service tool. It's about brand loyalty and brand development; it should not necessarily be about sales." While this is an excellent point the use of the word necessarily is huge in this statement, does brand loyalty in turn not produce higher sales in the long run? Sounds like a win-win to me. With products like our new Scratch N' Win Wristbands and Fabric Bands  we have seen some really amazing results from our clients. The possibilities are truly endless in what you can offer your patrons.