I was recently asked the question Is buying in smaller quantities considered a “faux pas” ? and this got me to thinking… Is it? I found myself thinking about it more and more as I walked through my local Costco watching busy shoppers pile more and more into their carts. Sure the deals are often better if you buy more but what about the selection? I mean who really needs or better yet wants 1000 black socks when you can have a selection of amazing colors and styles? So I took to figuring out is it really better to buy in larger quantities?

While buying in smaller quantities doesn’t always apply to everything in our lives (remember the episode of Big Bang Theory where Sheldon suggests to Penny that she buy her personal products for the next 30 years) it can certainly apply to your next wristband order!

If you are a creature of habit and know exactly what you are after and know that you won’t be deviating from that anytime soon then the answer for you is Yes, buying in larger quantities is your best option. The reason: you will most likely use the product that you purchase at a steady rate and since you know exactly what quantities, style, and/or colors you are after you may be able to get better deals purchasing in larger quantities.

Now, what about the rest of us? What about those of us who aren’t sure what we want, or those of us who like to mix things up? What about those of us who like to live on the edge and try different things all the time?

This is where I say buying in smaller quantities is perfect! Buying small is basically buying only what you need. Think about it… once you are finished with your selection you are free to choose something new, more advanced, or even more fun! There are many pros to buying in smaller quantities let’s take a look:


1. You are free to change it up! Choose a variety of different colors, styles, patterns forget just buying 1 box of 1 color or pattern.

2. You are free to test! Think about the last time you ordered something because it said it was a vibrant purple and when it got to you it was a faded sad looking lilac. This also allows you to test your market. How do your patrons react to red over blue? You’ll never know unless you test.

3. You can experiment! Try out different patterns, colors, and customizing options every time you order, and with thousands of options available you’ll never have to settle.

4. Stocking Issues! Forget having to hold large quantities of stock on your shelves. You can order what you need when you need it and save precious space in your stock room. Packages of 100 also take up less room than boxes of 500 so you can always keep a few on hand without having to worry about shelf space.

5. Wastage! Having large amounts of anything often leads to improper use and waste. By only having what you need it encourages you to be smart about usage and in turn reduces unnecessary spending on extra that won’t be used.

So, back to the question first outlined. “Is buying in smaller quantities considered a “faux pas”? My answer. No. I don’t think it is. It really depends on you as a consumer. I am not by any means a creature of habit (not that there is anything wrong with that) but I love the ability to change my mind and try new things, I don’t like to be committed to any style, color or pattern for a length of time. I want to live on the edge!