Using wristbands for festivals is common enough now that you’ve probably seen at least one or worn one yourself in this type of setting, but I know what you’re thinking “Just because its popular doesn’t mean it’s better than the traditional paper ticket". Let’s take a look at the benefits of using wristbands for events.


Let’s kick it old school for a minute here and look back at some of the ways admission was tracked at festivals. Everything from messy Ink stamps, unflattering ID passes, and of course the famous paper ticket. While we’re not saying that these weren’t effective forms of admission control at the time, there is now a better more secure option available. Unlike that hanging ID pass, a wristband cannot be lost, and are extremely difficult or impossible to remove and pass to a friend. Because wristbands are also available in a variety of amazing, bright colors festivals are able to use different colors to monitor different days, VIP guests, under age patrons and staff members.


This is probably the biggest advantage to having wristbands over paper tickets. It allows security to easily identify those who are supposed to be there, and those that aren’t. More often than not wristbands are brightly colored and feature some sort of corporate or sponsor branding on them which festival organizers say makes identification easier, especially when there is a large number of guests.


Not having to dig around in your pocket or purse for your ticket is a huge selling feature on its own! In many cases guests don’t want to lug around large bulky purses, backpacks, or side bags, the advantage to having your ticket right on your wrist is that you can easily present it if asked or if you need to leave an area for only a few minutes. Guests also don't have to feel annoyed by security asking to see their bands, as in most cases the band is already visible.


Here is where Wristband Giant really gets involved! Custom wristbands provide festival organizers an additional way to generate revenue for their event. Often times guests will wear their wristband long after they have left the festival. By branding a wristband with logos, text, graphics, etc. You are able to create excitement around your event and future events to come! Customizing your wristbands with your sponsors information is also a great way to create revenue at your event, and more importantly get the bands you want at little or no cost to you at all! 

So I think that clears things up a little, don’t you? Want to know more? Contact one of our highly experienced team members who would be happy to help you choose a wristband that is perfect for your event.