“How well did we do today in terms of customer satisfaction?” seems like a pretty standard question right? But as a customer with so many choices out there I don’t want to be satisfied.  I want companies to WOW me. I want to be impressed!

So, lets break this down here. The dictionary defines satisfaction as “the state of contentment” and not that there is anything wrong with being content but I WANT MORE! Being content doesn’t move me to tell others about my experience, and it certainly doesn’t excite me to promote your brand or products.

At Wristband Giant we get it. We understand that consumers have choice and it’s our goal to make sure that we raise the bar. Instead of satisfying each customer who visits us we do what we can to WOW them. From helpful suggestions, tips, trends, amazing state-of-the-art products we really want each person’s experience to be one-of-a-kind. We also know that first impressions are lasting. That first customer experience you have is like being on a first date. If everything goes right, chances are you’ll have a second one. If it goes horribly you’ll never be back. Our goal is to make sure that you get those first date butterflies every time you visit the site.

On our quest to WOW our customers we make sure that we are focused on 3 key things:

Providing Solutions- You know the ones that actually work, not just Band Aids. We want your events to be successful, we want YOU to be able to WOW your customers. To be able to do this effectively we take the term “whatever it takes” seriously. From Same day printing and shipping to completely custom wristbands, we’ve got you covered!

Rapid Response Times- Whether you’re contacting us via telephone or chat for some assistance our goal is to make sure that you have an answer as quickly as possible. Focusing on our response time is one of the most rewarding things we do as our customer service is a priority.

Personality- If you’ve had a chance to really look around the Wristband Giant website you’ll be sure to see the details of our personalities, our website truly reflects who we are. We deal with the most fun industries worldwide and we love what we do. We hope that as you read the content, view images and check out the testimonials you’ll have just as much fun as us!

So, check us out. Let us know what you think. Have an idea on how we could WOW you even more? Let us know.