In recent years online shopping has become a trend that just keeps growing, in fact, I think it would be fair to say that the online shopping industry has really exploded and it’s not too difficult to understand why.   

10 Reasons Why Online Shopping Is Better

1.  You don’t have to leave the house
SOLD!!! If I have the opportunity to shop without missing out on binge watching the newest NetFlix original or having to change from my yoga pants to do it I’ll take it and the benefits don’t stop there. There’s no traffic, no lines, and no hunting down a parking space.

2. No pushy sales staff
The reassurance of knowing that I can go online and look through the wide selection of products and services a company offers without being intimidated into buying creates piece of mind all on its own. Also, as someone who shops a ton online I would say that it also gives me something that I wouldn’t really get in-store and that’s a chance to know the company I’m buying from. Having an opportunity to leisurely read through their About Us section to find out they support charities or that proceeds from sales actually go towards the community/environment allows me to build a relationship with the company I’m buying from.

3. The choices and variety
Stores and back supply rooms can only hold so much inventory and there is nothing worse than getting all presentable to the world, hunting down your parking spot at the mall only to find out the store no longer carries the item you went there for. Online shopping allows for more variety and selection. Colors and styles and material OH MY!! And each website offers more and more options.

4. Forget coupon clipping
“Ain’t nobody got time for that” with life busily passing us by who has time to sit and clip coupons? Unless of course you’re all about securing your place on the next Extreme Couponing episode. Most online shopping sites provide coupon upon check out to instantly help you save.

5. Never fight for a refund again
Not like you would ever need a refund from us, but here are3 of the best words in the English language: EMAIL ORDER CONFIRMATION. We talk about life being easier well this is it! If there is ever an issue with your online order you have proof easily available, no more searching for that pesky little receipt.

6. Product reviews are amazing
Need a little help making your choice? No problem! This is why product reviews are so great, they give you the honest feedback of customers who have previously ordered and tried that product/service in the past. This is a feature you would never get in-store, could you imagine yelling out “HEY HAS ANYONE TRIED THIS?? WHAT’D YA THINK??” aside from the crazy person stares you might get, you might be asked to leave or worse…. Escorted out.

8. Buy when you’re ready
Put as much or as little in your cart as you want and check out when you’re good and ready. Another nice feature to buying online is nobody will judge you when you decide you want to “put something back.”

9. You actually spend less
Many times if you head out to the mall on a Saturday afternoon to check out those shoes you saw a few weeks ago you end up spending more, usually on things like lunch, impulse buys, and of course travelling.

10. Better pricing
You can usually find better deals online because the products come directly to you from the manufacturer or seller without any middlemen involved and let’s not forget the automatic or offered coupon upon checkout. Another thing I notice about online shopping is that the sales seem to last forever! (oh don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining over here) this allows you as a consumer to shop around see what else is out there, better price? Better selection? Better Service? You’re free to do your research.

Online shopping makes buying your products so much simpler. Compare sellers before buying, compare prices, products and selection, find great deals, have your items delivered right to your door, and no pushy sales staff.

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