Still wondering why your venue or event should make the switch from paper tickets to wristbands?

Here are ten good reasons- and we're just getting started!


#1.Wristbands are almost impossible to lose once attached to a patron's wrist.


#2. Wristbands are non-transferrable, so can't be used to evade admission cost.


#3. Wristbands make it easy for security and staff to discreetly identify paying guests, or guests with special access privileges.


#4. Neon coloured wristbands glow under black light, making night-time identification a snap.


#5. Wristbands are durable for multi-day events that require re-entry.


#6. Wristbands can come in a variety of colours, making it simple to identify group members, under-aged patrons, or children.


#7. Wristbands can be fully customized to become wearable advertising for your venue / event. Think Logos, Full-colour Graphics, QR Codes, PIN Codes – the possibilities are almost endless with custom wristbands!


#8. Wristbands are a popular souvenir- meaning your marketing messages last long after your event is over.


#9. Wristbands with detachable ticket stubs can be used for coat checks, equipment rentals, or contests.


#10. Wristbands reduce paper litter at your venue.Wristband Giant have a wristband to suit every event type and venue.


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