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Bar Code Information

Human Readable vs. Nonhuman readable Bar Codes

Virtually any kind of barcode can be applied to our wristbands. They can be printed in human readable or non-human readable formats. We typically add 3-5 additional business days to the turnaround time as physical samples are sent to the customer for approval.

Human Readable barcodes have the encoded data displayed in a text format beneath the linear barcode. See example below.

Human Readable Barcoded Wristband

Non-human readable barcodes do not display encoded data beneath the linear barcode. This barcode format is known as machine readable, which means the data can only be decoded by using an infra-red barcode scanner. See example below.

Non-Human Readable Barcoded Wristband

Barcode Size - The optimal size is 0.75" to 1.0" high x 1.5" to 2.0" wide. this ensures all barcode readers can read the barcode as certain readers have a small laser width then others and it also prevents excessive curvature of the barcode once the wristband has been applied to the patron's wrist.