Full Color vs Single Color Printing

Sales Wristband-Giant-CanadaMay 28, '19

"Color is a power which directly influences the soul" - Wassily Kandinsky.

Here at Wristband Giant, we love this quote as we truly believe that color changes everything and so today we want to answer one of the most common questions we get asked; “why is full-color printing more impactful than single color printing?”

CYMK Printing Ink Colors

Think about the impact that the color has on your customers.

Let's start with a statistic that will give us a better idea of the impact that black and color printing has on your customers. A research study posted on ReadexResearch shows that 33% of readers are more attracted to full-color printing versus a single color printing. On Target® taught us based on studies in 2011 that individuals who saw black and white advertising thought the ads were “easy to skip over”, “too small”, and “needs more color” all good indicators as to why you need to be thinking FULL COLOR.


Why full-color printing is more memorable than single color printing.

  1. It helps to boost brand awareness and brand recall. This works because it's easier to identify the brand and reflect the emotions and instincts that they have with a certain color.
  2. Color is a tool that plays with the customer's mind, emotions and creates a strong relationship with the customers.
  3. Customers are not often guided by logic when they make purchasing decisions. In a sea of color, it’s getting more and more difficult to have your brand stand out so optimal color options and eye-catching designs are becoming increasingly more important.

Full-Color Printing is a win for brands

Visual factors make up 93% of customers choice when it comes to deciding between different products. Color is one of the first things that customers notice about your logo, product or its packaging. This is one of the tools that help increase brand recognition and customers overall view on the brand's products. Far too often we see companies who spend a ton of time and money on an amazing full-color logo only to print it in black print on their wristbands, while there’s nothing really wrong with this, you’re missing major branding & marketing opportunities to WOW your customers.

What you need to know about color

Red - express and evokes energy, passion, and courage. Mostly used for sports, entertainment and food brands.

Yellow - reflects happiness, creativity, warmth and tough. Particularly this color used for businesses that manage playful and fun activities.

Orange - initiated with friendliness, optimism, and fun. Popular color for restaurants, cafés, bistros, and diners.

Green - always associated with health, nature and organic. Used for businesses focused on health, education, and landscaping.

Blue - is perceived as trustworthy, dependable, and stable. Commonly used for financial services.

Purple - represent upper-class, royalty, and glamorous. It's often used by businesses in creative fields -designers, psychics, and cosmetic manufacturers.

color meanings

Want to know about how we can help you break into the world of full-color customization? Feeling overwhelmed? No worries! We’re here to help. Reach out to us with any questions, comments or thoughts you might have.