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First impressions are important! That’s why Wristband Giant specializes in custom wristbands for a wide variety of special events ranging from VIP parties, conferences, tradeshows, marketing events, and private concerts. With unique products like Sparkle and Techno wristbands, you’ll be sure to set the tone for your guests. Holographic wristbands provide additional security features to prevent counterfeit bands from entering your event.

Keep party crashers at the door! With Wristband Giant you know you are getting quality wristbands with security features to prevent tampering and transfer. With the worlds largest inventory of wristbands, we have solutions for events within any budget! Our adhesive wristbands contain a patent die cut and extreme adhesive making it extremely difficult to remove while our snapped bands contain a single-use closure which connects so tightly the only way to remove it is to cut the band with scissors.