Tyvek® 3/4" x 10" Bully Free Zone pattern wristbands

Pricing: $32.50 per 100 ,$162.50 per 500

These Bully Free Zone Full Colour Pattern 3/4" Tyvek® Wristbands are there to back you up during your next anti-bully campaign. Perfect for schools and fundraising events teachers and educational advisors love how these lively adhesive wristbands feature a bright background which boasts a positive Bully Free Zone message. Schools often use these bands as a fun way to spread the anti-bullying message. Try creating a fun event where students can pay a small sum of money towards getting a wristband which allows them to either wear a hat or chew gum during class. The possibilities are endless!

A Tyvek® 3/4" X 10" Bully Free Zone wristband
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