Tyvek® 3/4" x 10" Candy Canes pattern wristbands

Pricing: $32.50 per 100 ,$162.50 per 500

This Candy Cane 3/4" Tyvek® wristband pattern is the perfect way to showcase your christmas cheer. Ideal for Christmas parties, staff functions, school dances and event fundraisers these fun wristbands are sure to be a hit. This adorable pattern is available 365 days a year so take advantage of unique marketing opportunities like "Christmas in July" commonly offered throughout local campgrounds. Looking for an uncoventional way to showcase this cheerful pattern? Try connecting the wristbands together to create a beautiful and cost effective garland decoration.

A Tyvek® 3/4" X 10" Candy Cane wristband
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