Tyvek® 3/4" x 10" Mardi Gras Martini Glass pattern wristbands

Pricing: $32.50 per 100 ,$162.50 per 500

Mardi Gras in more than just an event it's a complete culture and for more than 130 years Mardi Gras parties have been part of the event festivities. We have been lucky enough over these past 20+ years to have our 3/4" Tyvek® Mardi Gras pattern wristbands part of the event. Most commonly used for age verification, party admission/guest tracking as well as souvenirs these durable wristbands are a big hit not just in New Orleans but all over the world. Try something innovative like picking up a box today to use as a creative decoration garland or cost effective napkin ring holders.

A Tyvek® 3/4" X 10" Mardi Gras Martini Glass Multicoloured wristband
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